Youse Cosmetics Btox Btx Okra Realignment Without Formalin Quiabo Realinhamento Capilar Hair Care 1kg/35.2 oz


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BTX of Okra Youse Cosmetics is a thermoactive compound with 6 ingredients rich in vitamins and proteins. Its composition was developed to provide shine, softness and perfect hydration. Its formula constitutes Collagen, Keratin and Okra Extract.
In addition to assisting in hair growth because it contains in its formula the extract of okra that strengthens damaged hair, thus preventing breakage and stimulating hair growth.


Wash your hair with shampoo;
Rinse and dry 80% of the hair;
Apply the Youse Cosmetics Okra Btx and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the intensity of hydration and volume reduction you want;
Remove the product with plenty of water, pre-dry 50% of the hair and start brushing;
Remove the product with plenty of water and pre-dry 50% of the hair and start brushing;
Separate the strands of hair into thin sections and apply the flat iron;
A minimum of 4 repetitions must be performed on each part of the hair.
Finish as desired.


Extremely shiny, aligned and perfectly soft hair.

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best thing i ever did to my curly hair

i live in a humid country. once i finished the process using this product, there was 0 frizz and my hair looks so good and feels amazing. 10/10

Isabel Benavides

excelente 👌