Kit Richée BB Cream Hair Smoothing System 3x250ml/3×8.4 fl.oz.


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Kit Richée BB Cream Hair Smoothing System 3x250ml/3×8.4 fl.oz.

BB Cream from Richée was elaborated to promote a straight effect with natural movement and flexible strands, easy to model, even in blonde hair, thanks to the Reducing Active with violet pigments that prevent fading and yellowing of the strands.

The kit is composed of an anti-residue shampoo that promotes deep cleaning, a reducing active that repairs the structure of the thread, reduces volume and controls frizz, and a multi-benefit mask that finishes the process by providing hydration and nutrition.

Its formula contains BioRestore Complex, Amino Acids, Keratin and Proteins that promotes complete treatment.


Apply the BB Cream Anti-Residue Smooth Shampoo to wet hair and rub it in the opposite direction. Rinse well and repeat this process until hair is completely free of residues.

Shake BB Cream Smooth Reducer Active before using. On slightly humid hair, using a brush and a comb, apply the Active Lotion lock by lock from roots to ends. Leave applied for 50 to 90 minutes, with longer action time for frizzy hair. The violet pigments present in the Reducing Active prevent hair fading and yellowing.

After the necessary time, remove the product excess in the washbasin. In the case of blond hair, with highlights or locks, remove 100% of the product.
Using a brush, pre-align the hair and separate small locks. Comb each strand from 8 to 15 times.

Rinse the hair and apply the Multibenefit Mask from roots to ends. Leave applied for 10 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly.

Finish as desired (flat iron or blow-dry).


Smooth hair that is protected, frizz-free and shiny.

Package Contents

• 01 Richée BB Cream Protein Anti-Residue Shampoo 250ml/8.4 fl.oz.
• 01 Richée BB Cream Protein Reducing Active 250g/8.81 oz
• 01 Richée BB Cream Protein Multibenefit Mask 250g/8.81 oz

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