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Treatment kit for undisciplined and rebellious hair, with or without chemistry. Also ideal for use after the treatment Plástica dos Fios Thermal Sealing, the Kit Plástica dos Fios Post-Sealing penetrates the hair strands to moisturize and nourish deeply leaving the hair soft, light and shiny for longer.

It recovers the structure of the hair ending with porosity and strengthening the capillary fiber to avoid the breakage of the hair, protects from humidity, sun rays and thermal heat. The hair is soft, shiny and silky every day.


Plástica dos Fios Shampoo 300ml/10.14fl.oz: Shampoo for rebellious, undisciplined hair, with or without chemistry. Ideal for maintenance after thermal sealing, gently cleanses while regenerating intensely and adds silkiness to hair strands.

Plástica dos Fios Conditioner 300ml/10.14fl.oz: Conditioner for rebellious, undisciplined hair, with or without chemistry. Promotes immediate reconstruction, ensuring increasingly hydrated, disciplined and frizz-free hair.

Plástica dos Fios Primer Leave-In 110ml/3.72fl.oz: Leave-in conditioner without rinsing for rebellious, undisciplined hair, with or without chemistry. With a light formula, it protects the hair from thermal heat and sunrays. Seals cuticles and facilitates brushing.


Acai Extract: rich in nutrients such as Vitamins, Essential Sugars and Emollient Oils. Its antioxidant and protective action promotes a complete regeneration of the hair, moisturizing them in an efficient and long-lasting way.

Amino Acids: balance the structure of the hair of the aggressions caused by the excessive use of dryers and flat iron. Increases its malleability and elasticity, leaving the hair smoother and extremely easy to comb.

Phytonutrients: Nourishes and protects the hair, helping to regenerate damaged and worn parts.

Cupuaçu Butter: nourishes and moisturizes deeply leaving the hair soft and lighter for longer.

UV filter (leave-in): protects the hair from sun damage, preserving the integrity of the hair and leaving it soft and smooth.

Application: Apply the Plástica dos Fios Post-Sealing Shampoo on damp hair and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat the operation if necessary.

After washing the hair with the Plástica dos Fios Post Sealing Shampoo, apply the Plástica dos Fios Post Sealing Conditioner on the damp hair, massaging gently. Leave it on for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Apply a small amount of Plástica dos Fios Primer Leave-in over the washed and damp hair, modeling as desired. It can be used before the dryer, the flat iron or the curler. If you prefer, you can also let it dry naturally.

Tip: For brittle and extremely damaged hair, use once a week the Treatment Mask instead of the conditioner!

Tip of use: After the process of the Plastica dos Fios Thermal Sealing, the Plástica dos Fios Primer Leave-in can be used as finalizer.


Your hair is deeply recovered, hydrated, nourished and with prolonged anti-frizz effect. You feel them increasingly soft, strong, silky and shiny!

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It helps with frizz but not true keratin

I didn’t want a super straight keratin look so I’m happy with this. It’s like felps hair Botox but the smell is so strong it actually felt like my throat was burning and I had to chew ice.
Its so difficult to dry your hair with this product in it & took me 2 hours to dry. I have long straight- wavy hair color treated so I had damage & frizz. I can dry my hair much quicker now since it’s softer but am dreading doing it again in 3 months.

Dear customer friend,

I am sorry that I was not 100% satisfied, we remind you that for best results the application must be done by a professional.
I am at your disposal to assist you according to your need.

Any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Suelem S.